Internet of Things and System Integration Business

With the strong talented team and the extensive accumulation of market and technology, HopeRun Software has got a solid foundation for Internet of Things (IoT) and System Integration Business. HopeRun Software has acquired System Integration Qualification Level II, certified by China Information Technology Industry Federation.
       Currently, the IoT and System Integration technology and software of HopeRun Software has successfully been applied in different industries including automobile manufacture, e-commerce, electronics and communication, manufacture, human resource and social security, public security and government. HopeRun Software can provide customized system integration for different industries and also offer other IT service, including cloud computing, construction of IoT, information asset management, application asset management and integration solutions.


● HopeRun Software Internet of Vehicle

With almost 10-year extensive experience, the Internet of Vehicle of HopeRun Software can provide In-Vehicle Infotainment integration service for customers from the overall automobile industry. Also, HopeRun Software can provide vehicle monitoring, fleet management and driving behavior analysis. At present, HopeRun Software has established long-term strategic cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers from China and foreign countries and also with famous global service providers.

● In-Vehicle Infotainment Integration Service

HopeRun Software Internet of Vehicle can provide flexible, customized and manageable solutions for different automobile manufacturers. This service can help automobile manufacturers integrate the vehicle-mounted system with latest infotainment and service content management. So far, HopeRun Software Internet of Vehicle has offered services for over 10 leading automobile manufacturers from China and foreign countries, and for more than 20 entertainment and service content providers.

● Vehicle Monitoring and Fleet Management

Based on Internet of Vehicle and Big Data Platform Architecture, HopeRun Software can acquire various vehicle data and information, including tracking information, location information and health conditions of automobiles. Customers can improve the fleet monitoring and management with this service.

● Driving Behavior Analysis

Based on Internet of Vehicle, Big Data and Comprehensive Analysis Platform, HopeRun Software can acquire and analyze various data, including vehicle data, environment data, location information, driving path data and driver data. This service can not only help users improve driving behavior, but also help insurance companies make insurance policies flexible.


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