Intelligent Terminal Embedded Software Business

HopeRun Software is a leading provider of intelligent terminal product solutions. The intelligent terminal businesses cover various kinds of terminal products, including smart phone/tablet, intelligent set-up box, wearable terminals, intelligent automobile terminal and other customized terminals. With the professional talent team and the improved customer service system, HopeRun Software has possessed the high-quality and all-in-one R&D system of chip, terminal, internet application, testing and professional laboratories.
       Currently the Intelligent Terminal Embedded Software Business has attracted customers of many famous domestic companies and international companies from Japan, Korea, Europe and USA.


● VR Core Technology Solution

Based on the advanced VR technology HopeRun has created a suite of VR operation system and application platform. This solution can provide the development of VR product and device based on Daydream and OSVR platform. Also, the solution can provide customer from education and entertainment industries with the platform development and system integration of VR business.

● AR Core Technology Solution

HopeRun Software has self-developed core algorithm and SDK in the area of AR. HopeRun Software can provide customized development of AR hardware platform and also provide end-to-end AR business solution for industrial and education areas.


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