Financial IT Testing Business

As a leading company in Financial IT Testing area of China, HopeRun Software possesses industry expertise, professional teams, extensive experience and high-end customers. HopeRun Software has always been focusing on testing business for large application software of financial institutions. HopeRun Software has established the leading testing system and made trailblazing work in test analysis, automated testing, test group planning, production platform testing, management platform testing, asset testing and other areas. The testing system of HopeRun Software has been proved by practicing the large-scale testing projects for the core and peripheral systems of various financial business, such as bank, securities and treasury bonds.


● Construction Solutions for Testing System of Small and Medium Banks

HopeRun Software leverages the expertise to construct testing system and to provide standardized testing service for small and medium banks. The areas of standardized testing range from information system management, organization platform to testing technology. The testing service includes the implementation of the comprehensive projects. The process of implementation covers the process system of testing management, test management platform, code vulnerabilities testing, functional testing, performance testing and security testing.
Successful case:
Provide professional testing solution for Gansu Province Rural Credit Union.

● Insurance Core System Testing Solution

HopeRun Software provides testing solution to compatibility, stability and data accuracy of new system. To ensure the quality and efficiency of testing solution, HopeRun Software will provide manual testing based on the conditions of the customer.
Successful Case:
Provide system testing service for Taikang Life Insuance.

● Test Analysis and Standardization

HopeRun Software provides customer with testing standardization solution. By utilizing self-developed tools of test production process and test management, HopeRun Software can provide customized development and solutions for customers, based on their features and demands. The areas of solution range from Business Analysis Platform (BAP), Test Design Management Tool (DM), Test Execution Management Tool (TPM), Test Report Auto Generation Tool, Test Impact Analysis Tool (BIA), Business Data Reports Testing Tool and Test Asset Library.

● Bank Business Testing Solution

Bank Business Testing Solution can provide bank institutional clients with testing and analysis service for complex information system. The solution can identify testing points based on the business of customer and can design testing solutions based on customer’s demands. Meanwhile the solution can provide customer with consolidated service of test execution, system defects detection, automated consulting and performance testing.
Successful Case: Bank of China – Test Center


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