Smart Grid Service

With years of extensive business and technology experience, HopeRun Software can provide customer with diversified service models and customized solutions. HopeRun Software helps customer develop the planning and construction of informatization and enhance the construction efficiency and success rate of projects. The Smart Energy Service of HopeRun Software has customers from almost every province in China and the customers are mainly power enterprises, power research institutions and power related companies.
The solutions include the following areas:
1) Device data acquisition and analysis solution
2) Meter data acquisition and analysis solution
3) Mobile production solution
4) Mobile marketing solution
5) Production and management solution
6) Marketing Management Solution


● Online Monitoring Platform of Smart Grid Device

Based on the new generation Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Online Monitoring Platform of Smart Grid Device can quickly establish status monitoring and control system of various smart grid devices. This platform adopts unified data model, flexible computing and analyzing model, polymorphic warning identification and processing strategies. With the above features, by leveraging the device intelligent access technique, this platform can enhance the lean level of device and the intensive level of management.

● Microgrid Solution

Microgrid solution can achieve efficient management of distributed generation and gradient utilization of energy. Also, this solution can solve the problems of the protection, control and scheduling of Microgrid and enhance the grid security.

● Quality Monitoring and Optimization Solution

Power Quality Solution mainly focuses on testing, monitoring and governing every process, including generation, transmission, distribution and application of power. The solution can greatly enhance the capacity of solving problems related to power quality.


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